September, 2008 

To: All Friends and Fans of Peach Belt Conference Institutions 

From: David R. Brunk, Commissioner 

Re: Conference Sportsmanship Initiative 

The Peach Belt Conference is committed to establishing itself as a national leader in intercollegiate athletics, with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and ethical conduct.  The Conference, with the support of the Presidents/Chancellors and athletics administrators at all member institutions, has developed an extensive sportsmanship initiative designed to improve awareness and encourage positive behavior at all athletic events. 

This letter is to ask for your assistance in our effort to make the Peach Belt Conference, its member institutions and student-athletes synonymous with class, dignity and honor both on and off the field of play.  Your actions, both home and away, are extremely important to the image of your team and your institution.  You can have a positive impact on the guests that visit your institution and the experiences of the participating student-athletes.  Please adopt a philosophy of respect and responsibility and help your fellow fans do the same. 

Thanks for your continued support of the Peach Belt Conference and this very important sportsmanship initiative.  It is most appreciated. 



The Peach Belt Conference......Where Sportsmanship Matters