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Georgia College Sweeps UNC Pembroke in Second Preseason ESports Matchup

Peach Belt Conference ESports

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. - The Georgia College Bobcats League of Legends team (2-0) swept the UNC Pembroke Braves (0-1), the Bobcats picking up their second win of the preseason split. GCLol won two games in style swiftly defeating the Braves in under 30 minutes both times despite Georgia College's starting jungler being absent.

David Kiss (starbuckerr) was called upon as the sub to fill in in the jungle role. Through two games Starbuckerr rose to the challenge on his Warwick as his finished the match with a 15.0 kill/death ratio.

"We kind of had a bump in the road saying our main jungler wasn't there, but David came in he stepped up to the plate. He's not as high rank as everyone else, but he did a really good job," Said Support Ethan Ohmer (corcy).

Kyle Kibodeaux (ducarious) led both games in the match. In the first game, Ducarious managed to outscale to the opposing Yorkick played by Adrian Preddie (The Preddster). Ducarious's Cho'gath truly became a beast; his game-high five killed secured the win in the first game.

"I was feeling kind of rough at the beginning, but at the end it was Cho'gath," said Kibodeaux.

In the second, Ducarious was able to grab the Fiora in champion select into Preddie's Darius. The matchup came down to one pivotable moment in laning phase when Ducarious slayed The Preddster securing first blood. After that moment he snowballed into seven more kills finishing with a game high eight.

Georgia College improves to 2-0 in matches and 4-0 in games while UNC Pembroke falls in 0-1 in matches and 0-2 in games. Next week, #GCLoL faces off against Lander University.


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