The “Battle for the Pickle Barrel” is a head-to-head competition between the Columbus State University and Georgia College athletic departments. The competition is broken down into four categories; head-to-head meetings, grade point average of individual sports, money raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Peach Belt Conference Commissioner’s Cup Standings.

The winner of each head-to-head meeting in volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, men’s and women’s tennis and softball will receive one point. In addition, each team that finishes higher at the PBC Championships in men’s and women’s cross country and men’s golf will receive a point towards the final standings.

The second part of the equation is GPA in common sports between the two schools. Those sports are women’s soccer, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, men’s and women’s tennis and softball. The school with the highest GPA in each sport will receive one point to the standings.

The final two parts are institutional based. Whichever school raises more money towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation will receive a point while the highest finisher in the final PBC Commissioner’s Cup Standings will also get a point.

At the end of the year, the standings will be tallied and whoever has the most points will win the “Battle for the Pickle Barrel”. The winning school will receive a full fall catered meal by the Pickle Barrel and will be served by the opposing school’s athletic director and/or staff.


Athletic Events

Sport/Event        Result/Time Running Score
09/7/13 Americus, Ga. Men's Cross Country CSU 3rd, GC 4th CSU up 1, 1-0
09/7/13 Americus, Ga. Women's Cross Country CSU 1st, GC 5th CSU up 2, 2-0
09/14/13 Milledgeville Women's Volleyball CSU 3-1 CSU up 3, 3-0
10/3/13 Milledgeville Women's Soccer
CSU 3-1
CSU up 4, 4-0
10/18/13 Columbus Women's Volleyball
CSU 3-2
CSU up 5, 5-0
10/26/13 Americus, Ga. Men's Cross Country (Peach Belt Championships)
CSU 1st, GC 5th
CSU up 6, 6-0
10/26/13 Americus, Ga. Women's Cross Country (Peach Belt Championships) CSU 1st, GC 5th
CSU up 7, 7-0
11/8/13 Evans, Ga. Women's Soccer GC 2-1
CSU up 6, 7-1
02/1/14 Columbus Men's Basketball CSU 77-61
CSU up 7, 8-1
Columbus Women's Basketball CSU 79-55
CSU up 8, 9-1
02/15/14 Milledgeville Men's Basketball CSU 69-65
CSU up 9, 10-1
02/15/14 Milledgeville Women's Basketball CSU 65-54
CSU up 10,   11-1
02/23/14 Columbus Men's Tennis CSU 6-3
CSU up 11,   12-1
02/23/14 Columbus

Women's Tennis

CSU 8-1

CSU up 12,   13-1

03/9/14 Columbus Women's Basketball CSU 60-49
CSU up 13,   14-1
04/04/14 Milledgeville Baseball CSU 8-7

CSU up 14,


04/5/15 Milledgeville Baseball

GC 12-5

CSU 11-9

CSU up 14,


04/09/15 Milledgeville Softball

GC 9-4

CSU 4-3

CSU up 14, 17-3
04/18/14 Florence, S.C. Men's Tennis (Peach Belt Championships) CSU, 5-1 CSU up 15, 18-3
04/19/15 Pine Mountain, Ga.
Men's Golf (Peach Belt Championships)

GC 2nd

CSU T-7th

CSU up 14, 18-4


Miscellaneous Factors

GC GPA      
Running Score
Women's Soccer

Men's Cross Country

Women's Cross Country

Men's Basketball

Women's Basketball

Men's Tennis

Women's Tennis



Men's Golf


Make-A-Wish Foundation Money Raised    
CSU Money  
GC Money     
Running Score
Amount of Money


Peach Belt Conference Commissioner's Cup   

Running Score
Place Finished


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